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Family Portrait Session in Liverpool

Not too long ago I photographed gorgeous baby Reuben and his family in Calderstones Park. He was a matter of a few weeks old and he took the whole shoot perfectly in his stride. In fact, I think he may have been asleep the whole time but we managed to get a few shots when he awoke and before he needed his dummy. We were so lucky with the weather too and it was just a perfect shoot!

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A Perfect Morning Shoot at Calderstones Park

This was another lovely shoot last August which I did with two little boys and their parents – again at Calderstones Park which is a popular choice! The light was absolutely beautiful – I do seem to get really lucky when I do portrait shoots – but the light here was just perfect. ┬áThe two boys were just gorgeous and so well behaved. I can’t imagine how my two would behave if I took them for a photoshoot with a complete stranger – no doubt they’d go into super shy mode and we’d get nothing – so it’s always lovely when children can be themselves as I’ll always get great photos.

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A Calderstones Park Shoot

It’s been a while since I posted on my blog – I’ve done plenty of portraits over the past couple of years and this is a lovely one from last year which I’d like to share with you. This is little Primrose with her mummy and daddy at Calderstones Park last April. She was a little star and posed like a natural!

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Cutlery Photography Using Studio Lighting

Over the past year I’ve been taking photographs for a regular client of mine who sells Laguiole cutlery on Amazon. Amazon stipulate a perfectly white background which can only be achieved using studio lighting and Photoshop in my experience. Cutlery is extremely tricky to photograph from above due to its reflective nature – spoons especially reflect everything in their vicinity so various tricks had to be employed.

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Family Shoot in Calderstones Park

In September I had a very special family shoot and everybody was dressed beautifully for the occasion. These are a few of my favourite pictures from the day.


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Family Shoot in Greenbank Park, Liverpool

These three cousins were a hoot to shoot – the photographs were for a 50th wedding anniversary present for grandma and grandad so a quick turnaround was required to get the favourites printed up. I hope they enjoy looking at them as much as I enjoyed the morning!

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Small Product Shoot

This is a sample of product shots which I took recently for use on an Amazon sellers site.

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Liverpool Landmarks Shoot for Website

I was commissioned to photograph famous Liverpool Landmarks for use as illustration on a high profile website. This involved getting up at the crack of dawn to get down to the Pier Head and Albert Dock to capture the most beautiful light on the buildings. I also wanted to capture night falling on the Catholic Cathedral as I had seen in other photographs that it lights up at night. I’m not sure that it actually did as much as I’d hoped but it was worth hanging around with my tripod as The Everyman across the road looked spectacular!

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Mortons Dairies Pumpkin Shoot

This was a lovely shoot I enjoyed to promote Mortons Dairies introducing a pumpkin delivery service just before Halloween.


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Getting Creative with Product Photography

Recently I Photographed some bamboo toothbrushes and straws for Amazon supplier Vector Space. By pure chance I happened to have a bamboo tree in the back yard and so I took a stem of leaves and really enjoyed getting a little creative. My client loved the photos! Amazon does stipulate that the main image is on a pure white backdrop but any other images can be more natural and those are the ones I have shown here.

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