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An eerie commercial photography shoot

There really are so many hidden places of fascination dotted around Liverpool and I came across one of them yesterday while photographing a Victorian warehouse for their new website. The building, situated down by the docks, is in use as a fully functioning modern storage facility for wine and spirits set in an ancient building with a dark-as-night basement accessed via a rickety vintage lift. Once I’d been shown round all the floors that needed photographing I was left to my own devices and headed down in the lift to the basement.

It was pitch black, save one or two tiny lights dotted around, and so cold and eerily quiet. I’d come prepared – this was a job for a tripod and a very long exposure, if only I could see what I was doing!

In some of the darkest areas of the basement a 30 second exposure was necessary to gather enough light.

Looking at the rusty doors and pillars, it’s hard to imagine how this place would have looked in its heyday.

It came as no surprise to me to learn that the basement was used as a set for Peaky Blinders. The headquarters of gang landlord Alfie Solomons and his illegal alcohol business were set here amongst all the abandoned barrels.

Ancient barrels of rum lay all over the floor and lots of new barrels too.

It looks well lit in the photographs but I can assure you that it wasn’t. A creepily beautiful basement.


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  1. There is a great area to shoot and I can’t believe looking at those pictures it was so dark. It does look just like a set. As one professional to another I love those pictures.

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